International Conference to Feature Dr. Stegen-Hanson as Speaker

The World Federation of Occupational Therapists (WFOT) has invited Dr. Tania Stegen-Hanson to be a featured speaker at its’ 2018 WFOT Congress in South Africa in May, 2018. Nearly 2,500 abstracts were submitted from potential speakers and 300 occupational therapists from throughout the world carefully reviewed the proposals to choose the very best speakers for this event.

Dr. Stegen-Hanson will be presenting a half-day workshop entitled, “Getting and Keeping Children ‘On Track’ in Feeding.” Research has shown that Birth to 24 months is a child’s critical learning period for feeding skill development.The workshop will cover the treatment of food aversions (a problem commonly seen in children with developmental disabilities) as well as comprehensive treatment planning and family-centered activities for the introduction of new foods with the goal of successful mealtime participation.

Presenting in her home country of South Africa is exciting for Dr. Stegen-Hanson. She is also looking forward to joining with colleagues from across the globe. The four-day Congress program is a multi-faceted array of keynote presentations, workshops, symposia, panel and concurrent sessions on such topics as: Aging and Health, Contemporary Practice Issues, Physical Oncology/HIV, Stroke Rehabilitation, Mental Health, and Human Rights.

Occupational therapy professionals, researchers, and educators from throughout the world will attend the Congress.